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Our Services

At Riverside Cleaning we believe in getting your carpets REALLY clean, looking and feeling clean and importantly hygienically clean. In order to do this we use the hot water extraction method, sometimes called steam cleaning.

Whilst it is sometimes called steam cleaning what actually happens is that we use a high pressure pump and spray jets, as well as special cleaning solutions, to effectively “wash” the dirt out of your carpet.

At the same time we suck the now dirty water out, leaving your carpet fresh and clean and restoring the quality of its fibres.

We use specially approved chemicals that have the Royal Warrant and are completely safe for your entire family.

We specialise in:

  • cleaning carpets, upholstery, rugs, including Oriental Rugs
  • Protecting/Stain Shielding upholstery, carpets and even Rugs and Oriental Rugs
  • pet cleans; cleaning and treating your fabrics to remove pet odours and associated soiling

The difference we make can be seen clearly in the pictures below.

Care of your Carpets

Did you know that soil, or dirt, makes up to 70% of your carpet? 

Dirt in your carpet includes: pollen, food debris, shed skin and human and pet hair as well as the bacteria, viruses and other mites that live on this veritable feast! A gram of dust can contain as many as 500 dust mites and the stomach bug virus, for example, can live in carpets for up to a month.

Like any other piece of fabric in your house your carpet needs some basic care. Regular vacuuming and dealing quickly with spills and other accidents as well as deep cleaning using hot water extraction will keep your carpet looking and feeling good and prolong its life considerably.

If you have an accidental spill of juice, wine or some other liquid that may stain or leave a sugary residue here are some quick tips to minimize the damage before we can get to you:

  • use a dry (NOT wet) white cloth/towel, or piece of white kitchen roll, to blot up any excess liquid
  • continue dabbing gently, NEVER RUB, for as long as it takes to remove any remaining residue.

By doing this you should find that the stain is either removed completely, or much reduced. We can probably remove any remaining residue, or stain when we get to you.